Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Donations For Boobs!

Welcome to my donations blog.
I would like to thank all who have donated so far, and would like to encourage those who would like to see the finished result of breast augmentation to give £1!

I have always wanted to have breast augmentation and would like to feel womanly at last. I was not blessed with anything and it had greatly affected my confidence and self esteem. Though my pictures see me very smiley and happy, I don't feel good about myself and I believe that if I had this operation I would benefit greatly from them.

I have received generous donations and would like this to continue until I am able to attain my dream.

For those of you who are feeling kind and would like to make a small donation, please take a look at the paypal website. I will keep my blog updated regularly and post any photographs of any consultations to show my progress. is the paypal email address.

This is me.